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    Food Bowl has always been about the simple act of gathering together over a meal. This year, we may be farther apart, but we are still convening in support of each other and the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and World Central Kitchen. The Los Angeles Times team will be making a donation to both organizations on behalf of their team, and they encourage all diners and participants to do the same. For more information on how to give back, click here.

    Supporting your local restaurants is as easy as ordering in. We all have our lists of favorite local restaurants and new ones we can’t wait to try. Explore somewhere new or support an old favorite because right now, many of them are offering takeout and delivery for the first time. Your local restaurants need you, especially now. Enjoy the takeout list. And, stay tuned for a new Los Angeles Times restaurant takeout guide launching August 3rd.

    In conjunction with the restaurant takeout guide launch on August 3rd, Citi Cardmembers will be eligible for a complimentary 6 month online subscription to the Los Angeles Times when ordering Takeout food from participating restaurants and using Citi card to purchase Takeout food. Show your Citi card when you pick up your order and receive directions on how to begin your complimentary 6 month online subscription. .

    Just a few of the amazing Takeout offers include:

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