Notice: As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, many events have been postponed or cancelled. If the status of an event you purchased tickets for has changed, you should receive an update through the point of purchase. We will continue to update this site as new details are made available. When searching for events, we encourage you to review the event cancellation policy at the point of purchase before completing your order.

To discover thousands of concerts, just ask.

Search for thousands of live music events all over the country – all with the sound of your voice.

It’s easy to find live music.
Just say “Hey Google, talk to Citi Entertainment®

Let’s get started.

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    Be sure you have the latest version of the Google Assistant on your mobile device.

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    Start a conversation by saying "Hey Google, talk to Citi Entertainment".

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    Find a concert and get event info sent to your Google Assistant on your mobile phone.

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  • Citi Entertainment now works with the Google Assistant, using the power of your voice to search for live music events all over the country.

  • Anyone can use it to search for Citi Entertainment offers. However only Citi® credit card or Citibank® Debit Card customers can use Citi Entertainment to purchase concert tickets including Citi Presale Tickets, Citi Preferred Tickets and Citi VIP Packages.

  • Citi® credit card or Citibank® Debit Card customers have an opportunity to purchase tickets to a specific concert or other event for a limited time before the tickets become available to the public. The Presale period varies but is typically 2-3 days prior to the public on-sale date.

  • They are tickets that have been set aside just for Citi® credit card or Citibank® Debit Card customers. They are made available for a limited period of time during the general public on-sale and can only be purchased by using a Citi credit card or Citibank Debit Card.

  • It’s a ticket package that includes an additional benefit for eligible Citi® credit card and Citibank® Debit Card customers – possibly premium seating, artist merchandise, an artist meet and greet, special access to hospitality areas, or a combination of benefits. VIP packages vary by event, so read the description before you purchase.

  • You can ask Citi Entertainment to search for concerts by music genre, artist, location, date and more. We’ll continue to expand the features of the Action, so check back often.

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Google Assistant on your mobile or home device. Start the conversation using the trigger words “Hey Google, talk to Citi Entertainment.” Then ask to find concerts you’re interested in.

  • If you know what kind of music you’re looking for, you can say things like "Find rock concerts."

    If you know where you want to see a concert, you can say things like "Find concerts in Houston."

    The more information you provide, the quicker Citi Entertainment can narrow your choices. For instance, you can say “Find rock concerts in Houston in February.”

  • When you hear of a concert that interests you, you’ll be asked if you’d like the information sent to your Google Assistant App. Reply “yes.” Your voice session will end, and you will use your mobile device to search for seats and tickets.

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